Are You Addicted to Emojis?

They were very good friends, Fatima and Martha. They used to share everything with each other, from school to family issues.

Later on though, after more than 10 years of friendship, things started to change.

Martha’s parents began to give her a brand new mobile phone every Christmas, even though it always cost so much money and she was only in her teens. Fatima realised that slowly but surely her best friend was shifting to another group of people; one that she did not belong to, that cared more about money and cool gadgets, and had less time for innocent ice cream dates.

Martha was good with mobile phones. She taught Fatima how to use them and how to connect with fellow students through them. All the messaging back and forth made them giggle.

One day, however, things got out of hand. Fatima wanted to try messaging by herself, just to have a bit of fun. She secretly took her friend’s phone and, whilst pretending to be Martha, sent a text message to their school senior Ben.

Ben only replied with a

no  😡

Martha managed to get her phone back and read everything. She could not believe in her eyes.

And Fatima never got over the embarrassment. Not at least until Martha heard of her last, a couple of months later.


– – –

Emojis (or emoticons, in general) are nowadays a vital part of people’s speech.

They determine – or basically replace! – our tone of voice and in many situations put our words in the exact context we want to.

How important are emoticons? Could you go through a whole day without using them? Maybe you could. But the majority of us cannot.

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