Internet freedom vs Internet bubble

There are two ways you can use the Internet: by freeing yourself in it or feeling the pressure from it. At least this is what Elda frequently says to her children. Now 18 and 26 years old, both Raphael and Luccio understand very clearly what their mum means by that.

They are themselves the exact image of these two variables. Raphael is a light soul. He travels, explores waterfalls all over his country, sits with friends around a fire pit for some guitar-singing time, studies economy at Uni and plans to set up a small organization that will help people purchasing their first home.

The Internet has an immense importance in his life. Through websites and social media platforms he is capable of doing all the necessary research towards his graduation, applying for financial funds for his business, contacting people with the same interests and updating his family about his whereabouts and new adventures.

Luccio on the other hand feels frightened. He somehow always ends up being contacted (cornered?) by his office mates who want to talk about tricky work stuff via inbox chats. His cousin’s boyfriend every now and again posts something on Luccio’s timeline about football and motorcycles, expecting from him some sort of feedback about it whenever they meet at family gatherings — Luccio isn’t even into sports and bikes. Not only, but he is always tagged in public photos from friends and mocked for his clothes and odd smiles. It’s tough.

What options would Luccio have? He cannot think of any.. Cutting his ties with workmates, family and friends does not seem like a good call. Day in, day out, he still faces the annoyance and embarrassment caused by those who surround him.

“You guys think of technology as a tool. We think of it as a foundation — it underlies everything we do”, a student said to writer and educational speaker Marc Prensky. Still, the Internet is something we make use of, and as such, it has a strong impact in the way we live, feel and interact with the world.

How is your internet going?

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