Whose Reputation?

The first question is simple: on a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you care about other people’s opinion?

The second one is a bit trickier: under what categories do you put “the others” who are part of your life?

Whose opinion do you care the most and the least? Between father, mother, boyfriend, friend of your girlfriend, boss, unknown followers of Instagram and the neighbour’s cute cousin, who are you always trying to please or at least not to appear foolish to?

The first answer is personally an easy one but causes me a lot of grief. I care about the opinion of absolutely everyone – from those who love me to the ones who clearly don’t. I suffer and I suffer with drama.

Of course age has taught me a few things, I do improve in some aspects here and there. But on the whole I alone am capable of making a whole soap opera.

I frequently try to guess what other people think about something I’ve done, for example, I react to their reaction in my head, my eyes fill with tears and I go over and over the same subject for LONG days.

Social reputation, this is the flavour of the month.

I know I’m not alone. Our online behaviour is the biggest proof that we are constantly seeking the approval of others, and on a large scale.

I do not want to focus here on this worn out subject of perfect shots, meticulously calculated posts and the obsession with wows & likes. We know this is how things are and how they will continue to be. What bothers me the most, in fact, is that there is no more room for us to think about ourselves. The Internet takes so much of our time that the only thing we see is other people.

We are defined by the opinion of others; we are who the web shows we are.

You are probably not immune to all of this. Don’t you spend a good portion of your day looking at photos and videos posted by someone else, reading what they wrote and – even inadvertently – forming your opinion about them? When do you actually explore your own online profile and form opinions about yourself?

Who am I, ffs?

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Writer, blogger, translator, once a lawyer. Convinced that having a conservative liberal mind makes complete sense.

4 thoughts on “Whose Reputation?”

  1. you are not alone at all. we all care about other people s judgement. those who say they don’t, are lying. To themselves, which is worse. I think it s natural that we care about other people s opinion. we live in society. we are all somehow looking for approval. the problem is when we forget about what WE like, how WE are, how WE feel and start posing as someone we are not. that s the point. and the line is tiny. we can cross it without noticing. so we better think about it. 😉


      1. the reputation rule… be the best or be last. second place is the first of the losers. you re right, it sucks. winners versus losers. I guess I wanna be a happy loser. A winner to myself even being a loser in other people’s minds. is that too complex? hahaha….

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